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Radiation Safety Services and Surveys

Dade Moeller specializes in conducting a wide variety of radiation safety services including radiation safety surveys with highly experienced and expert radiation safety consultants professionals. As a licensee you may be required to conduct surveys of potential radiological hazards in your workplace. Our experts have years of experience working for federal and state licensees performing and training workersSurvey Equipment to perform various types of radiation safety surveys. Radiation safety surveys are intended to evaluate the radiological conditions and potential hazards specific to each location. Using a wide variety of hand-held radiation detection equipment coupled with sample collection and analysis by Dade Moeller’s Radioanalytical & Calibration Laboratory, we can provide clients with quality, defensible survey results for all types of situations.

Decommissioning Surveys - Final Status

  • Renovating?
  •         Relocating?
  •                License Termination?

As times change, some licensees may find themselves in a position where radioactive material use is no longer required; additionally, some licensees may find themselves in need of facility renovations and relocations.  Our experienced staff can perform MARSSIM style final status surveys (decommissioning surveys) that will satisfy your regulatory requirements for Survey Equipmentbuilding renovations, relocations, and license terminations.  Dade Moeller can provide the follow types of surveys and support in your efforts to decommission your facility.

General Compliance Surveys

Dade Moeller is ready to assist licensees in meeting all regulatory requirements for conducting a sound, compliant radiation safety program.  Our experienced staff of certified health physicists (CHPs) and health physicists can provide assistance with the development of a survey program to fit your specific needs.  Dade Moeller can provide on-site training of your staff on proper implementation and performance of required surveys, use of survey equipment, and sample collection and analysis techniques.  We are also available to conduct the following types of surveys at your location.

Contamination Surveys

Contamination Surveys are intended to monitor work areas for radioactive contamination that might result in doses to workers or to the general public.  Generally, contamination surveys are required at a fixed frequency in areas posted for radioactive materials use as prescribed by your radiation protection plan/program and or radioactive materials license.  Dade Moeller has the capabilities to perform these surveys at your site.  Each survey can consist of the follow services that can be selected or omitted individually to suit your facility’s needs and requirements.

  • Scans for fixed and removable radioactive contamination with the appropriate radiation detection equipment.  All accessible work surfaces, floor areas, equipment, hoods, sinks, and more will be scanned.
  • Exposure rates will be assessed where applicable. 
  • Smear samples will be collected and analyzed by Dade Moeller’s Analytical & Calibration Laboratory to ensure that removable contamination is within acceptable limits.
  • Operation checks of radiation detection equipment will be performed.Survey
  • Perform security checks of radioactive materials.
  • Conduct inventories of your radioactive sources.
  • Review of all records pertaining to each posted area.  Records review can include inventory records, utilization and disposal records, waste records, and survey records as applicable.  Additional interviews with staff in each area may be performed to gain detailed information about the radioactive material usage in each area.
  • Perform decontamination of personnel and areas.
  • A detailed Survey and Sample Analysis reports will be generated specific to your site and requirements upon completion of the survey.

Exposure Surveys

Exposure surveys should be performed in locations where workers or the general public could be exposed to sources of radiation that might results in a radiation dose.  Dade Moeller can perform exposure surveys of your radioactive materials with our inventory of calibrated radiation detection equipment.  Our staff is trained to monitor dose rates and apply applicable regulatory requirements; additionally we are available to discuss and design additional shielding and shielding requirements specific to your location.

Clearance Surveys

Dade Moeller’s staff is experienced in performing clearance surveys of areas posted for radioactive material use.  From time to time it may be necessary to deactivate a material usage area without doing a full decommissioning (final status) survey.  Using the appropriate radiation detection equipment paired with sample collection and analysis, we can survey areas for removable and fixed radioactive contamination.  Survey can cover floors, walls, bench tops, equipment, cabinets, drawers and more.  Contaminated materials will be segregated as radioactive waste and packaged for disposal.  Our staff is well trained on the decontamination of fixed items like floors, benches, chemical fume hoods and more.

X-ray Survey Support

Regulations covering radiation safety surveys for industrial x-ray generating devices vary by state. Dade Moeller staff can help clients comply with their state registration requirements by performing radiation surveys of industrial x-ray devices and audits of radiation safety programs related to occupational x-ray exposure. For more information Contact Us

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Emergency Response

Dade Moeller has served as emergency responders for several of our clients and is available to assist you. Our staff has been instrumental in helping clients with the following situations.

  • Surveys of contaminated personnel, facilities, and equipment.
  • Surveys for and recovery of lost radioactive materials.
  • Radioactive material spills and contamination events.
  • Investigations of commercial dumpsters at landfills and recycling facilities.
  • Investigations of commercial shipping containers at United States ports of entry.
  • Radioactive materials discovered in public areas.
  • Improper disposal of radioactive materials.
  • Read more about our Emergency Response Service