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Nuclear Safety

Nuclear Safety involves the technical analysis, documentation, administrative structure and implementation to prevent accidents involving radioactive and/or fissionable materials in reactor and nonreactor nuclear facilities. For new or modified facilities, identification of hazards and their potential consequences are critical in determining the appropriate structures, systems, and components necessary to prevent, mitigate, or control consequences. Our staff members have experience in identifying hazards and analyzing accidents for onsite and offsite consequences and preparing a documented technical basis that can direct design features and technical specifications. We have the capability to apply a variety of computer codes or perform hand calculations for technical justification and accident analysis for both nuclear and non-nuclear (hazardous chemical) materials. Our staff has prepared and reviewed safety authorization basis documents, and conducted and reviewed nuclear safety assessments including:

  • Preliminary hazard assessment
  • Accident analysis
  • Safety analysis and report preparation
  • Authorization basis development and maintenance
  • 10 CFR 830 review and implementation
  • Criticality safety
  • Unreviewed Safety Question (USQ) screenings & evaluation
  • 10CFR50.59 evaluations

We have experience in nuclear safety analysis for facilities regulated by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and Agreement States, and federal facilities such as those regulated by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Our staff has the expertise to support your programmatic needs in the field of nuclear safety.