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DOE Worker Protection

Dade Moeller personnel are expert in providing technical support to DOE and its contractors in ensuring safe and healthy workplaces. This support has included assisting with implementation plans, conducting field assessments, planning to help the organization accommodate new standards, holding technical workshops and training sessions for Federal and contractor employees, and reviewing contractor implementation plans.

We have led or participated in regulatory and standard implementation efforts including
DOE Order 440.1A, 10 CFR 851, 10 CFR 850, DOE Radiological Control Manual, and 10 CFR 835.

  • Program Definition– defining the occupational safety and health program. A full safety program must include a Radiation Protection and Industrial Safety/Industrial Hygiene program that serves as the basis for compliance with all applicable rules. It is important to define program scope and exclusions to manage Price Anderson Amendments Act (PAAA) enforcement issues effectively.
  • Gap Analysis– reviewing current compliance status against 10 CFR 851, 10 CFR 835, 29CFR 1910, 29CFR1926, and other standards and identifying gaps in compliance.
  • Implementation– taking actions aimed at closing the gaps. Health and safety management and reporting systems must be well defined with scope and responsibilities clearly established to ensure effective implementation. Areas of vulnerability for most DOE sites include occupational exposure assessments, subcontractor safety oversight, and shared services that could affect contractor compliance.

Dade Moeller staff members have DOE experience supplemented with experience at non-DOE and commercial nuclear facilities. Staff members have developed lines of inquiry for verification and validation of program implementation and have developed and reviewed the implementing documents required to demonstrate compliance.

We supported the DOE Headquarters implementation of 10 CFR 835, the Radiological Control Manual, and EPA regulations on DOE Facility Effluent Monitoring Plans. We are actively assisting assessment and compliance efforts under 10 CFR 851 for numerous DOE prime contractors.

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